"Immigrants, we get the job done"

~ Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Link to “Irish Bridgets” Story

While doing some general research this week, I found this interesting article about a lecture given by local historian and retired New Haven Register newspaperman Neil Hogan , now with the Connecticut Irish American Historical Society Hogan shared his research and photo archive at the lecture, about the life of the typical Irish servant in […]

The Jennie Cramer Trial

Photo credit: Murderbygaslight.com The dark, gritty story surrounding the death of Jennie Cramer came to my attention because my Great Great Grandmother, Ann Carroll Stanford’s, sisters Nellie Carroll and Mrs. Mary Carroll Clarke were called as witnesses during the trial. At the time Savin Rock in West Haven, where the body was found, was a […]

The Dark Side of Life For Our Immigrant Ancestors

In the course of my genealogy research I pour over articles from old New Haven newspapers. Most of the stories are mundane. I usually find police reports that mention many of my relatives being arrested for public drunkenness or selling liquor on Sunday. Once in awhile I stumble on a story with a little more […]

The Hill

“The Hill” – A Documentary

While doing my typical “googling” for new info about the places that my ancestors lived, I stumbled on a blog post about a new documentary that is about New Haven’s “Hill” neighborhood in the modern age. The film was co-produced by Jacob Bricca (the blog author) and his wife, Lisa Molomot. The Hill tells the […]