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Irish Immigrants

Irish Immigrants to America.. Heading Home?

In all my years researching my Irish ancestors who had settled in New Haven, Connecticut, I had come across a hand full of records which indicated that an individual or a family probably returned to the place of their birth. I didn’t think about it too much and always assumed that it was not too […]


Site Update: Irish Move to the Suburbs

While working on a book about my Irish ancestors who moved to Wallingford, CT from New Haven, I collected a few old postcards and other images. I’ve added a page to the website with images from the suburbs like Wallingford, West Haven and Hamden, that many of the Irish from New Haven moved to over […]

Savin Rock Pier Savin Rock Park: “Connecticut’s Coney Island

Just wanted to share a link to a story about Savin Rock Park from Savin Rock Park: “Connecticut’s Coney Island “Savin Rock Park was a seaside resort constructed in the late 19th century in the modern-day town of West Haven. Known as “Connecticut’s Coney Island,” Savin Rock Park brought together peoples of all classes […]

Irish Bridget, Catherine O’Connell

Link to “Irish Bridgets” Story

While doing some general research this week, I found this interesting article about a lecture given by local historian and retired New Haven Register newspaperman Neil Hogan , now with the Connecticut Irish American Historical Society Hogan shared his research and photo archive at the lecture, about the life of the typical Irish servant in […]